25 New years resolutions for public speakers

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

  1.   I will prepare and practice.
  2.  I will be able to distil every speech and every presentation into a single sentence.
  3. I will always ask myself: “Why should the audience care about my message?”
  4. I will have a back-up plan in case the equipment doesn’t work.
  5.  I will be well rested before speaking.
  6.  I will use less text and more images in my slide presentations.
  7.  I will watch one TED Talk every week.
  8. I will get feedback on my performance.
  9.  I will give a toast at a party.
  10. I will seek out speaking opportunities at work.
  11.  I will give a speech without notes.
  12.   I will remember that being a little nervous before a speech is normal.
  13.  I will make eye contact with the audience.
  14.  I will pause effectively.
  15. I will find out as much as I can about my audience beforehand.
  16.   I will not speak longer than my allotted time.
  17.  I will be passionate.
  18. I will breathe deeply.
  19.  I will video myself speaking.
  20. I will work on eliminating distracting gestures or habits.
  21.  I will focus on the audience and not myself.
  22. I will use quotes and humour, if appropriate.
  23. I will remember that my audience expects me to be present not perfect.
  24.  I will remember that all the great speakers were bad speakers at first.
  25.  I will enjoy the ride.

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